Safety Audits

Monthly Inspections


 Work sites vary and Cranes are versatile essential pieces of equipment in construction, as well as in other industries. Safety incidents/accidents involving cranes, excessive equipment down time, and high operating costs are indicators that question the effectiveness of the existing Crane Maintenance Programs. 

Post incident inspections


An audit of all of the programs in place is the best method to determine where there are weaknesses in the programs, and more importantly, to indicate what can be done about them. An audit conducted can determine what corrective measures are necessary to improve the programs.

Damaged climbing frame


The safety audits includes, but is not limited to, review of crane accidents, equipment selection, acceptance testing, inspection, maintenance, operational requirements, operation and supervisor training and qualifications.

Job site inspection


The safety inspection could include an on-site observation of lift practices and selected equipment inspection. The final day of the audit consists of an on-site briefing involving the responsible management personnel pertaining to the findings and specific recommendations for program improvement.

Hazzard evaluations



If you have doubts about your Crane safety or have had several incidents involving cranes, a delay in having an audit conducted by Western States Crane Consulting LLC. could be costly.


Crane Safety Inspections